Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pretty pillow

Doing what I love to do!
Taking something old and pretty
And giving it a new life!
I'm not sure this doily wanted to be a pillow.....
But that's what she is NOW. ;)

I first quilted a foundation for the doily with some gray fabric and batting.
I pinned the lace doily on the front and just sewed around the edges!
I then added some old lace on both sides.
Pretty pillow project.
My kind of fun!

Linking up with sew fresh quilts today!


  1. great pillow! I have a tatted hanky that my Aunt carried in my Moms wedding that I wanted to do something special with. You may have given me some ideas.......

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE...You are way to fun to watch! This is just pretty!!!

  3. So pretty! Wonderful inspiration....thanks!

  4. What a super way to preserve another handcrafted piece!


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