Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Finish - a little zipper bag

Everything about this little pouch
makes me smile.

I finished up the crewel stitching
on that tiny heart project.
Someone else's UFO
that ended up with me.
The fuzzy crewel yarn....
the needle....
EVERYTHING was there.
It took MAYBE 15 minutes TOPS to finish it!!

That makes me smile.

I added strips of fabric to make it wide enough for a pouch.

The fabric lining is so great!
It looks like little PINS!

The perfect lining for a sewing bag!

The back of this pouch is an old piece of fabric.
A small piece that seemed to be JUST RIGHT
for this project.

Those little pieces EVENTUALLY find homes.
Sometimes it just takes TIME.

I even had that red gingham ribbon
that matches PERFECTLY!

Smiles all around.

Linking up with AmandaJean and Sarah again today.
I've also been hosting a linky party
on Mondays for you to share what you're MAKING.
Friday is for finishes.
Mondays are for Making!


  1. Super cute! Love the added touch of the heart!

  2. very cute little pouch Beth...I love using odd bits.
    I'm the person who asked permission to share your table mat with my guild. Our sew night was last night and everyone loved it!! It is so fun and easy. I've made two and it will probably be my "go to" gift idea for this year. Thanks for the great tut. Please let me know how to send pictures to you.

    1. Linda, You're a no-reply blogger, so I can respond to you via email. My email is listed on the sidebar here. I'd LOVE to see some pictures from your guild meeting! ;)

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  4. Great looking pouch. You are so good at giving the forgot new life.

  5. This is adorable. It made me smile too.

  6. Love how you showcased that little sweetheart!

  7. This is just precious!! Thanks for sharing......

  8. How wonderful that you made something so precious from the stitch work and added all the right design and fabrics to make it fabulous!

  9. Love it! Love the personal touches to it!

  10. What a great little pouch! And I'll try to get by and check out your linky party on Monday! Whoop whoop!!

  11. Oh, I love it! What great choices of fabric, too!

  12. 15 minutes of gorgeous creative accomplishment ;)


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