Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What if

After making blocks yesterday I had some leftovers.
What if.....I thought....
What if I used them to make a block?
Scrappy just got scrappier!!!!
Scrappier = more fun!

I think one block is great.
Just imagine what a whole quilt could be!

Hope you're able to have some "what if" thoughts today!!


  1. Yep make more blocks.. Will make a great quilt..
    Are we doing a house block again?

  2. What a fun block you made! It looks great just by itself as a mat or a potholder if nothing more comes of it, but I hope that you will do a whole quilt!

  3. What a fun block!
    Yup, I get what ifs all the time. It's getting around to trying them is the problem!

  4. Scrappier is fun too, Beth. You are having a good time.

  5. My favorite block. Love the scrappy look! Sincerely, Paula K.


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