Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thank you friends

It's not 2015 yet....
but I already have my 2015 quilts going!

Thanks to KIND blogland friends....
quilts for the high school seniors
will be EXTRA special this year.

Thank you

Don't these blocks look FUN together???

The "HOW to" for this scrappy block
is here .....
and then there's a second idea  HERE.
(I have a second post about making it even scrappier!)

I made mine with old shirts
thinking they would be great for the boys.

Mary sent some pink and orange.
I'm sure she didn't want the girls to feel left out.

I will be making at least 4 quilts this year.
IF I have enough extra blocks.....
I'll make more and donate them to the local hospital chaplain.

I'd love to add some QUILTY love from BLOGLAND
into these FUN quilts!!!
*I'll send my address if you leave a comment letting me know
you're interested in sending a block.
(I'll be accepting blocks for a long time...
haven't settled on an END date yet!)

Thank you in advance for being
in this little corner of the world
I like to call BLOGLAND!!!


  1. I know that you will do an awesome job with all of those blocks, Beth. You always do such wonderful things.

  2. Yeay, they got there safely! Thanks for links back to my blog, too. They are gonna make super quilts!

  3. I sent a package on Saturday. They should arrive today (or tomorrow). These blocks were a great excuse to rootle through my homespun stash. Thanks, Beth!

  4. I'll help, too! Send me your address.


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