Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quilts and cookies

This is what I've been working on.
A quilt to be auctioned off!
The proceeds will go to help a young lady
heading to Canada to minister there.
The design is simple....
but I like it!
I used lots of WHITE strips.....
different widths and lengths...
along with...
lots of REDS from my stash.
Hoping to get it sandwiched soon.
I imagine some machine quilted lines
and THEN......
some NICE BIG RED hand quilted stitches!
Oh, you know me!
I'm always imagining BIG hand quilted stitches.
I just don't always ADD THEM in the end!!!

I'm also making cookies.
Son's away at college.
It HAS to be done once in a WHILE!!
Nothing says I LOVE YOU
like a BIG box of homemade cookies!


  1. Really like the quilt,,,,,and the cookies!

  2. Hi!!!! I love your quilt!!!!! Yes!!!! The cookies look good too!!!!! Lucky son!!!!!

  3. Big Red Stitches would be wonderful.

  4. the quilts so awesome! stripe quilts are always so striking!

  5. looks great! are the maple leaves appliqued? Tell your friend welcome to Canada from me!

    1. yes. leaves are appliqued the easy way! ;)

  6. That quilt is lovely, Beth. Yum.....cookies from home....there is nothing like it.

  7. Love your quilt that really shouts Canada. Beautiful! Thank you for my surprise.

  8. Great top Beth. So creative for the occasion!!

    LOL….I guess I'm going to have to break down and make some cookies also. I have been soooo
    craving some homemade cookies for a while now and sitting here looking at yours and think I can
    almost smell them!!!

  9. I just sandwiched a similarly-pieced quilt, Beth, and am wondering how to quilt it. It's a charity quilt for our guild to give away. Yours looks lovely! Also, I thought of you this morning while driving to work through a neighboring town - I saw a sign with the name "Shibley" of someone running for office, and you popped into my head! Happy to visit your blog!

  10. Oh, and those cookies look like Snickerdoodles? Yum! Nice mom!


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