Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Deep blue sea is done

Quilting lines are all sewn IN!
Happy dance time!!

Can you see the wonky lines here?
I rarely mark a quilt for quilting with anything other than painters tape. This time.......
I DID mark with a blue chalk roller by clover on the wide white border.  I marked only a little to keep me "sort of" on track. ;)
Guess what?  The blue didn't disappear in the laundry! I googled a bit and found out vinegar works. Haven't tried it yet. Isn't it crazy that marking lines don't come out like they should?  I once heard a quilt teacher say the safest marking tool is a #2 pencil. I should have heeded her advice!

Well I am happy with this quilt.
Love the colors my daughter and new son-in-law chose. They also chose the design.
I had to choose the quilting design!
I think it took me as long to decide that as it did to piece the whole thing!  ;)

 I'm Also happy my hours on this phone book are over! ;). There's got to be a better way of getting high enough on the chair to quilt comfortably. My arms aren't complaining this time., rear end is. Hah!


  1. lovely quilt always....
    you've GOT TO to put "adjustable office chair" on your Christmas wish list....
    i have one that goes up high - like a bar stool (for when i'm pressing a lot of stuff)
    and goes down to a normal table sitting level...
    whatever height works for my shoulders...
    amazing speed you work at.....

  2. If the vinegar doesn't work try a magic eraser. Good luck!

  3. That looks gorgeous, Beth. Great finish.

  4. I splurged last week on an actual bar stool for when I do FM quilting. It works perfect! The only thing I had to do was find a small step stool (already had) to put the foot petal on. My feet weren't long enough to touch the floor!

  5. Love your quilt and quilting.
    Doesn't it just rip you nightie when marking doesn't come out? I don't know about ordinary pencil. I restored a half quilted top that had been hand quilted. the original quilter had used a lead pencil, I had great difficulty getting it out.I think I used Ammonia.

  6. I always use my sons felt tips for marking fabric , that or just a standard pencil!

  7. its really beautiful, wow. guess you need to make a few pillows to sit on to get the right height! I know someone who did this with left over blocks and batting she kept making pillows till she got the right hight! they were not big puffy pillows .
    sorry about the marking I hear that dawn with a toothbrush works too
    test it on a sample piece first.

  8. I have always used the blues wash out makers and have never had a problem with the marks coming off. But I like my quilts scrunched so I always wash them after they are done. Love that quilt!!

  9. Beth - it looks great!! Well up is a fluffy seat cushion for you!

  10. Your quilt is marvelous! I love the way you quilted it and I sure do hope the marks come out for you!


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