Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fun with Flannel

It took me a FEW tries.....
but I finally succeeded in filming a youtube video.
It only took me FOUR times......  ;/
It's still not perfect....
but perfect is NOT in my vocabulary.
I love simple.
I love homemade.
I love to share about it!
Isn't that truck fabric on the left cute???
I had JUST a little piece.
Perfect for a little project like this!
I'm all set up for a baby shower now!
I'll fold these up and wait for the next one.
I even have some choices!!!

My heart was happy this morning
when I found this photo on instagram.
with the quote:
"Thinking of my mom while assembling my first quilt as a wife".
Isn't that sweet?
My daughter has been making/sewing things...
but this is her first quilt.
Guess who it's for???
Her husband is a BIG football fan.
I told him it was meant to be.
My daughter was born on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!
I listened to PRE-game interviews on the hospital television
during labor with her.
Ah...... memories......


  1. Mighty cute! And your daughter is carrying on the quilting/sewing tradition- good for her.


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