Thursday, October 16, 2014

Easy Applique

I've been working a little bit on my
Auction quilt.
Trying to fit it in between
KID stuff, HOUSE stuff,
and EXTENDED family stuff.
You know...
ALL the things that keep us from doing
the FUN quilting!

There are only THREE of those Canadian leaves on this quilt.
I decided to applique the EASY way this time.
Hand applique is NOT hard....
and to be honest....
Getting my old sewing machine out
(the one with a zigzag stitch)
probably took the same amount of time
as it would have if I had just...
DONE it by HAND!!!

I began with a pattern.
Hand drawn on paper with a sharpie.

I copied it onto my fusible web.
There are a few brands of this out there...
I'm using steam a seam lite.

The packaging for this is always changing.
I doubt it looks like my bag here anymore.
Everytime I look for it in the store...
IT's a NEW packaging system!
You can also get a fusible web at  joanns
ON the bolt and buy it by the yard.
I'm not recommending ANY certain brand.
They all work about the same IF you buy something light weight.
You don't want it too heavy/thick.
I WILL say that if it's OLD...
the glue doesn't work as well.
I always keep my fusible web wrapped up in an air-tight bag
to hopefully EXTEND it's life a little bit.

After drawing the pattern on the paper of the web....
I cut it out.
For this pattern....
It doesn't matter WHICH side you draw on.
IF you're cutting out LETTERS
or something that needs to go a certain direction...
It DOES matter!!!
The pattern needs to be copied BACKWARDS
on the glue side of the fusible paper.

After cutting out the leaf...
I HOLLOWED the leaf out!!!
This makes my applique piece LESS stiff.

Pull OFF the paper on back of fusible...
LEAVING the glue side.
DISCARD this paper.

PRESS the leaf onto the BACK of the fabric you're using.

CUT around the leaf RIGHT on the EDGE.
In fact, I trim a teeny tiny piece OFF as I go
so that I KNOW the fusible will be ALL THE WAY
out to the edge of my leaf.

Pull paper OFF the fusible.
IT should be ON YOUR fabric now!

Press the leaf ONTO your quilt.
(Sorry this leaf is not the same).
Decided to make this tutorial AFTER the leaves were all on!!!

Last thing to do is stitch around the leaf
with a VERY SMALL zigzag stitch.
IF your machine has a buttonhole stitch (mine doesn't)
that looks nice too.

I'm really looking forward to getting this quilt DONE.
That'll be a happy day!


  1. I am loving your quilt. Born and raised in Canada but haven't lived there for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. love your quilt since I'm a Canadian. thanks for the tutorial on fusible -- that's a good reminder.

  3. Lovely always!!
    bc can.

  4. Love your quilt - the maple leaves are beautiful and must be a challenge to stitch around. ^^

  5. thanks for the machine applique tutorial--loving your quilt--so comforting looking...hugs, Julierose


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