Monday, July 7, 2014

Sweet Sweater

I've finished a SWEET sweet SWEATER.
Super tiny.
Super CUTE!
The beautiful yarn was purchased 1/2 price
at a fancy yarn shop.
(yarn is classic elite, liberty wool)
There was only ONE ball, of course.
But I bought it ANYWAY!
I added some PINK from my stash to the sleeves
and some more to the bottom.
I LOVE the way this project turned out.
to figure out how to do some kind of closure on this thing.
The pattern is called
It took me that long to READ/FIGURE out the knitting LINGO!
Knitting patterns are written in
a language I haven't MASTERED yet!
there's so much COUNTING!
That slows me down sometimes.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!
I am.
The Barbecue is BUSY at my house
and we eat OUTSIDE every eve.
Zucchini, hamburgers
and Eggplant burgers for the adults!


  1. Very cute sweater!
    Never thought of zucchini on the grill. Gotta try that.

  2. I love the sweater! You always manage to mix it up with lovely results! I love to knit so I'm going to print this one out.
    When you barbecue your eggplant do you just slice it and roast it?

  3. Love veggies on the grill... used to wrap smaller ones: broc, cauli, carrots in foil and toss the pkg to the back of the grill-season and butter the veg first, then wrap and grill for delightful flavor. Your burgers look absolutely delectable !~! I love a good hamburger and you have some beauts there.

  4. Adorable sweater, such great colors.

  5. I love love love that baby sweater! Sooo cute!


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