Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby Quilt Label - new design

I'm giving this baby quilt away Saturday
and wanted a NEW label!
So I sat down and did some BRAINstorming
and came up with this one.
Isn't it CUTE??

I added this design to a pattern I already have listed on craftsy.
It was tricky REWORKING the pattern to add this design.
Technology is SO over my HEAD!
I'm SURE I do things the HARD way...
not knowing enough to do it the easy way!
I will go back and add my name to this label
with a fabric marker over on the side
now that the pattern photo shoot is over.
Can't believe the label is on
and the baby shower is a WHOLE 4 days away!!!!



  1. cute label! and time to spare! great job

  2. I love the label! Its so perfect for a new baby! And I love your colour palette, cute enough for a baby but not so cute that it wont look right on a toddler or dare I say teenagers bed!

  3. Cute is the word! AND you are done before the party! I'm impressed. Way to go, Beth.


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