Friday, December 20, 2013

Half Hexagons (a new beginning)

I'm pulling fabric out today.
I'm getting ready to BEGIN something NEW!
Let's hear it for new beginnings!!!
It is SO fun to start a brand new project!
Kind of like a Christmas present to myself!

Here's my practice hexagon
and a few half hexagons READY to go!
Let me say...
It was a bit tricky trying to figure out how to cut the shape
WITHOUT the aid of a template.
When I get something in my mind to DO...
I don't like waiting to buy a tool.
I LIKE figuring it out!
Gets those old brain cells MOVING!

I cut a strip 2 3/4" wide.

Then I began cutting through two layers of fabric
using my 60degree angle on my ruler
and a piece of tape as my guide.

This 3" side is important too!!!
Each cut is 3" away from the next on the shorter side.
(in the bottom of this photo)

Hopefully when the rows are sewn together...
ALL the hexagon sides will be 3"!!!!
That's the HOPE!
it's o.k. if they're not all perfectly the same
since I'm sewing them in rows.
IF I had cut WHOLE hexagons....
I would have WAY TOO MANY "Y" seams..
for MY liking!!!
Can you imagine how many Y seams that would be????

Here are the two pieces I need for each hexagon.....
but they have to WAIT!
I need to sew the half hexagons in rows
and THEN put the rows together.
THAT'S when you'll see the hexagon!
You also might see my hair has been ALL torn out
from trying to line up matching rows of half hexagons
on my living room FLOOR!!!
The goal is a QUEEN sized quilt!
Here's hoping that MOST of the prints I choose
will be busy enough
 to disguise that center seam I'll have in each block.
What if I want some solids in here too....
Will the seam show too much???
Another bunch of decisions to ponder!!!!

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