Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Caps for Christmas!

Every year I tell myself I'm not going to make gifts for everyone.
I think it takes the pressure OFF to say I'm NOT going to do it.
I'm really o.k. with not making something for everyone.
And THEN...
I get an idea in my head...
and It won't go AWAY until I DO SOMETHING about it.
Until I MAKE something for EVERYONE!!!
Last year it was little zipper bags.
One year it was holiday hexagon table mats.
Another year it was casserole carriers!
This year....

It's HATS!
Some with little braids attached.....

Some without.
I found a simple pattern here.

This one is super WARM.
It's going to my son who will be leaving in January.
He's heading off to the cold, cold state of Iowa!!!
For this hat I used an old sweatshirt
and a THICK fleece.

The pattern calls for fleece...
but of course I have to DO MY OWN thing
and I've been experimenting with ALL kinds of fabric.
This one is lined with some leftover Stretch KNIT.
See the litte kitties peeking out?

This is the pattern.

I've learned I can use old fleece jackets.
This one had a broken zipper and I KNEW I'd find a use for it someday!

I bought these VERY inexpensive fleece throws at walmart
to help me out with this project.
The fleece WAS inexpensive...($2)
but definitely not QUALITY material.
You get what you pay for!
It's going to be fine for lining some of my caps...
but I wouldn't use it for much else.

I had an old wool sweater I'd been saving.
After felting it.....
I cut it UP!
AND did some creative piecing!
If look closely at the hats above...
you'll see the seam I had to add in front.

This fleece IS quality!
I LOVE the thick fluffyness of it!
Using up old clothing works GREAT for this project!
I also used an old fleece throw
made for a baby.
There are LOTS of fabric SOURCES
when you start thinking OUT of the box!

I now have a nice BIG stack of hats.

Ready to GIFT in a couple of weeks!!!

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