Monday, September 9, 2013

Museum Monday

When I read this post...
I knew I had to share about MY museum pieces.
Do YOU have a MINI museum
in YOUR sewing room???
I bet many of YOU have OLD sewing things.
Things that aren't being used..
but CAN'T be thrown out!!!

Old spools of thread.

These little needle packages have been around a long time.

So have these.

All these little items fit into ONE glass jar
on my shelf.

It is MY mini sewing museum.
If you have a museum at YOUR house....
link up with me next Monday!
Share about the one, two
or MANY things
that belong in a MUSEUM!!!
We'll have a Linky party
ALL ABOUT OLD sewing things.
I'd LOVE to see what you have!
We'd ALL love to take a little tour.
Post about it in the coming week or two.
I'll set up a linky party next Monday!!!
See you there!

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