Friday, September 6, 2013


One lovely orphan block found a home.
A nice quilty HOME.
It feels loved...
embraced by a whole bunch of friendly squares.

This one turned out so lovely.
I'm happy I had that center orphan square
(someone else's)
to get my creative juices going!
The scrappy squares around the outside
 just MAKE this one
SO fun!!!
It measures a healthy 58"x58".
Just the right size for a large throw.
I imagine I'll add a navy blue binding to TIE it all together.
I also think I'll have fun stitch doodling
in all that light blue around the outside!!!

Speaking of stitch doodling.
You can do it on PAPER!!!
while sewing with friends...
my friend made this!!!
The beginning of a card.
She's ALL set....
READY for the next wedding!!!
Just needs the last name!
I love this idea.

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