Monday, May 6, 2013

Time Flies

My daughter's a wife.
I have a wonderful new son.
How did it happen so fast??
She was a toddler just yesterday!

She let me make the veil.
I made MINE when I married my husband 24 years ago.
It's a simple one...
just like the one I made 24 years ago.
I'm thankful today.
so thankful.
and stunned.
How did it happen so fast???

During all the busy-ness.....
I finished this little art quilt.
Just a peek!
The details are here...
and the deadline is June 1.
Still time to celebrate with

I also did some crochet stitching.
Guess where my mind's been???
Making a new house a home.
Beginning life together.....
By the way.....
For those that know I've been working on a wedding quilt.
It's NOT done.
It'll GET done.
A few more Thursday mornings...
and It'll get there!!!!

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