Tuesday, October 30, 2012


These are NOT my colors...

I can.NOT. resist someone else's
unfinished project when it's given to me!!!!
I can't say NO!!!
I see ALL the possibilities!
I wonder WHAT it will look like!
It's  a challenge to take the little pieces
try to solve the puzzle!
As you can probably GUESS....
There is NEVER a pattern included
in these little packages!

That's alright.
I have a THINKING floor.
A place to DREAM.
A place to PONDER.
???How will they look
ALL lined up together...

With some wide strips of fabric (from the stash)
between and around???

I think it looks WONDERFUL!
Even if it isn't MY color!


  1. You are right it does look wonderful!
    Nicely done figuring out that puzzle :0)

    Happy Sewing

  2. It looks great and there's one less UFO in the world, right?

  3. It looks wonderful and I love the colours!

  4. You did beautiful work on someone else's discarded project.

  5. It looks beautiful! I think you did a great job putting the pieces together, which is never easy to do when you don't have the picture on the front of the box to use as a guide.

    Recently I have made a few quilts in "not my colors" for other people and I've found that maybe I like more than I thought I did. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing :-)

  6. I think it looks cool, even modern with the wide strips. Good idea!

  7. That's funny, because with YOUR stash strips, and YOUR setting, it sure reads like one of YOUR quilts! Will this be a graduation quilt?
    To me, with all of those little "houses", sitting on the icy blue background - they look like the ice houses I used to see all over the frozen lakes in Minnesota - something that you may have never seen, but is quite a feat!

  8. From here it looks wonderful! I'm impressed with your abilities... I'd have so much trouble with the angled joinings. Could you tut how you do that?

  9. .....but.....the colors are wonderful and look terrific together as a quilt. Great job.

  10. That is going to be an amazing quilt!!!

  11. i think you did an amazing job...i wouldn't have thought of putting plain pieces on the ends and in between.... but it looks fantastic.
    love it!!

  12. Who needs a pattern? Certainly not you... this was a great use of the pieced triangles. Lovely work.

  13. It does look wonderful! The joy of someone else's UFO is that they have a lady done a bulk of the work. Great job!

  14. I like it! It has a lot of movement and it's really beautiful.


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