Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mini Vacation

I took a little mini vacation with my youngest.
We were away two nights.
There was a tiny bit of time for sewing.
Not too, too much.
After all...
There were bikes to ride....
Hikes to take...
 some serious reading going on...
*note the book peeking out under the table. ;)

I've now joined some blocks together.
Love the peaceful vibe of all that blue and white!
Maybe it needs a POP of red!

I'm going to fold it up and let it
Sometimes that's JUST what a quilt needs!


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  2. Hi Beth,
    I'm wondering if you meant perculate... mixing water and coffee into a yummy cuppa... sort of a steeping like for tea... marinating the flavors of the colors together? I always think every quilt needs red - my favorite color. In your case, I'm not so sure. It looks perfect to me.

  3. Thanks Terri! I fixed it! I Go W-A-Y to fast when I'm sewing...AND WHEN I'M TYPING!!! :/

  4. Love the quilt -- how about a soft orange for your pop? Also love your mini quilt studio on wheels!

  5. Oh yes I am a strong believer in letting a quilt percolate (to become lively or active) sometimes on the second look it will tell you what it needs...sometimes :0)

    I know you'll do what makes this one looks best as always.

    Happy Sewing

  6. Oh I love the blue & white! But maybe just a touch of colour on the edge. The possibilites are endless!

  7. I'm thinking a small red rectangle in a border of blue and white. Not too much. The blue and white really are so calming.

  8. I let mine percolate all the time!

  9. You had me at "Blue & White"...then got me with percolate. :) Thanks for the great read for my early Thursday morning. Can't wait to see what simmers to the surface.

  10. Sounds like a lovely vacation. Reading, biking, hiking and a little quilting. What could be better?

  11. I really like the blue and white and agree a little red would make these pop .Glad you enjoyed a little vacation , sounded like lots of fun .

  12. A fun two days, and now back at the quilt blocks. I love a simple two-color quilt and think they are very effecting. This one is soothing. But if you think it needs a pop, red would do it! Will await the pics to see what percolates.

  13. I like it in blue and while. Your holiday sounds wonderful, biking hiking reading and sewing, perfect!!

  14. Oh, the quilts that are percolating in my sewing room! I like that spin on the quilts I can't figure out how to finish!

  15. Oh, I really like that! Blue and white together are stunning. And this modern block is great.


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