Thursday, October 18, 2012

Block Wall quilt

I think this is one of the EASIEST quilts I've ever made.
I make a lot of easy quilts.
But..... I think....this one was the speediest of ALL!
I gave a brief "how to" here.

And..... I think it's gorgeous!!!!
It will be a GREAT boy's quilt.
My daughter even paid me a HUGE compliment
and said it was the BEST boy quilt I've made.
Woo HOO!!!
10 POINTS!!!!

I have enough fabric to make one
and maybe even TWO more!!!
I'm thinking IF I have enough fabric...
I'll cut some up and have a little give away!
You can make one TOO....
and confirm the simplicity of this pattern!!!

Here's another reason to cheer!
I USED UP a bunch of BOBBINS!!!!
You know the bobbins that have
red, orange, green....etc. thread
don't match anything????

Here's the proof that I'm not a THREAD color SNOB.

Happy quilting!
I'm OFF to cut some more strips!
All those solids
SORT of solids
are waiting to be another QUILT!!!


  1. i like your quilt...when i run low on bobbins i rewind thread from them onto spool to use for basting my grandmothers flower garden quilt...

  2. Hi!!! It is very pretty!!! Looks like you had fun doing it!!!!

  3. it's great! good for you for giving the new grads a quilt.

  4. This is a great boy quilt! Love it!

  5. I think it one of the most striking quilts I've seen. It has a modern look with the color blocking. I keep saying it but boy you are fast. Easy or not, I'm not that fast!

  6. Looks like a good quilt for a guy grad - they seem to be harder to make something for, don't they? Thank you for sharing your technique on this one.

  7. It does look fabulous. Perfect for a male sort!

  8. simple and the mix of colors

  9. I saw this yesterday when you first posted about it and I have love it! It is an awesome guy quilt. Saving a picture in my quilt file... I will definitely be making one of these in the future.

  10. I love this quilt, I agree its a wonderful boys quilt and I have one that would just love it. make another one for sure, nice to have quilts in the closet for when you need a gift and of course would love to see a giveaway as well blue, just starting to find its way into my closets! would be a great giveaway in mho :)

  11. Gorgeous! And yay for using up your random bobbins!!

    Jennifer :)

  12. I use random bobbins too. Lovely quilt ; )

  13. Such a great quilt! Thanks for sharing - you are one of the most industrious quilters I "know" from the blogs I follow!

  14. I love the colors! I'm totally not a thread color snob...used to be, but now I'm just grateful to have some...very seldom does it show anyway :)

    I have a weekend link party if you'd care to join:

  15. Nicely done Beth!
    it really does feels masculine :0)

    Happy Sewing


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