Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby quilt thoughts

I love making baby quilts!
They are....I favorite kind of quilt to make!

I love using charm packs.....
 there aren't always enough "charms".

It's fairly simple to add some blocks.
See the three sort of solids on the left???
They are filling in for me.
I don't think anyone will ever "suspect"
they don't "go with" the quilt.
Do you?

I love adding little tiny 2" squares.
This black and white with pins was LONELY in my 2" drawer....
It will be......
Lonely NO MORE!!!!
Don't you think It fits perfectly into this quilt!
That reminds me..... I need to sit down one of these days
and just CUT squares (out of scraps)
to replenish my 2", 2 1/2", 3"....etc. drawers.
Pickin's have been slim lately!

Here is a faithful friend!
A bed sheet.
It was Found at a thrift store a while back.
This friend seems to pop up in quite a few of my projects!!!!
In fact.....
I used it just yesterday making my apron ties!!!
Today it became binding!
Red and white check will ALWAYS be welcome in MY quilts!!!!

See that backing??
I bought quite a bit of this gingham last year.
I LOVE it!!!!
Only two yards left!

When quilting straight lines.....
I've found that quilting on the diagonal/bias
is MUCH easier than quilting straight across.
The bias is very forgiving!!!!
And I, for one,....need that!
I have issues with my straight quilting lines....
but never seem to have them when I quilt

I Think those are all my "thoughts" on this quilt.
Except to say.....
I can't WAIT to give it away!!!!
That's the best part of making a QUILT!!!!


  1. I'm going to have to try my luck with diagonal lines, since my straight ones don't always work out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Fun quilt. I can see why red and white check would always be welcome - it is a great addition.

  3. what a fun baby it! the checked border is the perfect touch...

  4. You always make the sweetest quilts....I like gingham too!

  5. those 9 patches tucked in with charms are extra sweet. i keep thinking that i need to go through my stash and cut it into useful sized squares. but it sounds like torture...

  6. What a perfect little quilt for any baby! I am inspired.

  7. What a darling quilt! SEW colorful and cute! I'm sure the baby will love it! :))


  8. That is the sweetest baby quilt - I just love it! Great fabrics and colors!

  9. It is another adorable quilt, Beth. I love how you piece and quilt. :)

  10. Such a joyful quilt! Any baby would love it...kind of an I Spy, too!

  11. Eu também adoro fazer colchas para bebês! Esta ficou linda!

  12. love your baby quilt! found you on sew many ways i blog at wont-to-bequilter

  13. Visiting from Sew Darn crafty link party. I love this baby quilt. Lucky child who has this

  14. So Adorable! I agree that kids quilts are the most fun ever.

  15. I love the cheery colors! I can never get enough gingham and checks. Never. When I find it, I snap it up.


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