Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do as I SAY not as I DO!

I used a blanket for batting on this one.
DON'T do it.
Many of you advised me to make a denim quilt
when I blogged about my son's special request.
I thought about backing this with denim...
but my son said that didn't sound cozy enough! ;)
I thought it was a GREAT idea!!!!

I already had the quilt top ready to go...
I DEFINITELY would have made it DENIM!

I quilted this very SPARINGLY!!!
It wasn't EASY!!!

Don't DO IT!!!
I hope to never do it again.

I survived.
The DEED is DONE...
and I can move on!

And guess what???
It IS heavy!!!!
At least it WORKED, huh?

Oh! the things we do for our CHILDREN!


My husband and big kids were all gone for the last few days
so I got a LOT of quilting in!!!

The two younger ones, who WERE home, don't mind simple meals.
So I did a little cooking.....
if you call SPAGETTIOS cooking!!!

These quilts were also quilted up...
and didn't tax my muscles as much as that heavy thing did!!!

They're quilted and bound...
READY to go!!!

Here are the backs using mostly donated fabrics!
Thank you so much!

I will be giving them away this week!

Thank you to ALL of you who helped out with these!
Group projects are ALWAYS so much fun!!!

Just got a GREAT big BEAR hug
from my TALL 18 year old
for making him that BIG ol' heavy quilt!!!
I'm Smiling now.


  1. Oh Beth! So glad the quilt for your son came out heavy like he wanted...and the star quilts are wonderful. You were very busy!! :-)

  2. You have been a very busy lady. Spagettios are home cooking right, not like fast food or a bag of chips with dip which are a no, nos. tee hee. been there done that.

  3. What beautiful star quilts! Good for you for doing this, and good for all the bloggers who sent you stars as well.

    Oh yeah, a blanket for batting sounds very tough to quilt through! I'm glad it worked out and is what your son wanted. He'll sure stay warm with that one. LOL

  4. All the quilts are just wonderful - and ibuprofen is your friend!

  5. I agree with everything Sarah said!

  6. Well he did say "I want a HEAVY quilt!" and thats what he got!!

    The veterans quilts turned out just wonderful! I was happy to participate! Did you longarm them or free motion them? I cant see in the picture.

    Hugs! Julianne

  7. A big hug makes everything worthwhile!! Thanks for warning us!

  8. Denim quilts are so much work. Three cheers for Mom! You did a great job!

  9. But I still love your son's quilt! I put it on my quilting inspiration board on Pinterest.

    I also used a blanket as batting once. Unlike you, I did NOT try to quilt it once I realized how dense and heavy it was. I just tied it :) (

  10. The starry quilts look great, Beth. Thanks for letting us participate in the project.

    Teresa F.

  11. Glad your son's quilt is finished, it looks wonderful and he must love it. The star quilts look fantastic.

  12. I used a blanket once on a quilt and I had to end up tying it! So glad you finished your son's quilt. It really turned out nice! I've got a "son" project myself in the wings. He'll be needing it when it turns cooler--but from today's heat that seems like a long ways away.

    It's always fun to see your projects. Nice QOV quilts!

  13. Wow you sure got those done fast!
    They look great, thanks for making those for
    our veterans.

    Happy Sewing

  14. Such beautiful quilts, Beth! Your "group project" star quilts are fabulous!!

  15. I received your thank you card - great idea!


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