Monday, July 23, 2012

A garden quilt

I've added some "Pebbles" to my garden quilt!
Pebbles take more thread...
but the pattern is Soooo forgiving!
AFter all...
Pebbles are NEVER alike!
They come in ALL sizes!
And they're not perfectly round.

They provide the PERFECT quilting background!

My flower garden is surrounded
by a simple TRELLIS.

I'll be finishing this one up...
pebbling the narrow border on this quilt!


  1. Oh, that is so pretty, and going to be even prettier when you're finished! I wish I had thought of pebbles on a border that it's taking me forever to hand-quilt! Have fun and do show the finish!

  2. I love your pebbles! You are right a fun and very forgiving pattern, Gorgeous quilt!

  3. The pebbles are a wonderful've been inspiring me to step up my stitches and finish some ufo's!

  4. Love your choice of words "my flower garden is surrounded by a simple trellis" - so poetic and visual. Agree that pebbling does provide the perfect background.


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