Wednesday, June 22, 2011

coin purse tutorial and giveaway

I have a big boy, with some special needs, who loses things.
He tries to keep it all together....
It's hard.

Rather than go out and BUY another wallet....
I made a little coin purse instead.
Didn't cost me a cent!
It was so easy...
I know I can do it again when this one is
to be

Hopefully he'll keep it zipped up tight!

so that his precious treasure doesn't escape!!!

It was pretty easy to put together...
so I thought I'd share how I did it.
 Then...... I want to
give one AWAY!!


one 8 1/2"x6" piece of denim
one 8 1/2"x6" piece of lining fabric
one 3"x4" piece of plastic vinyl
One nylon zipper at least 8" long.

Sew the vinyl onto one side of bag.
Use your walking foot!!!!
I tried sewing it on WITHOUT and found out the hard way.
It didn't work.

Sew the zipper on.
Zipper face down.
Bag face up.

Fold the bag in half and do the same thing.

I doodled a little flower on with my
feed dogs down and my darning foot on.
I probably should have done it
BEFORE the zipper was on....but I didn't.

I thought the flower looked lonely...
so I added a little strip of fabric below.

Lay lining face down onto your bag.....
right sides are together.

sew along the top of each side.
Now.....fold the bag in half and leave zipper pull
IN THE MIDDLE of the top of the bag.
The zipper is half way open
half way closed.

Here's the little handle I wanted to add to the side!
Good thing I remembered it now.

Tuck that little handle in the side of the bag
SEW down each side.

Leave an opening here!

Trim the excess zipper.

Turn right sides out.
and sew along that opening.

I just did a simple top stitch.


I've got a membership card......

But no money.

I'd like to give this little bag away to one of YOU!
(without the membership card...of course)

If you'd like to win.
Leave a little note.
Say hi!
I'll pull a name out of the hat on Friday!!!!

Just a little something for being
my good neighbors here in blogland!


  1. I really like the idea of the vinyl pocket. That is such a great idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway!

  3. What a cute little coin purse! I can see these going into stockings at Christmastime...... Thanks for the tutorial!!

  4. Cute wallet. Thanks for the directions!
    I'm going to try to make one. The lining always confuses me..

  5. Cute little coin wallet Beth. You are always up to something!

  6. Love your purse and the tutorial. It would just be so much easier to follow if I had it in my hand. tee, hee,

    Also love the free motion flower. Selina

  7. HI! *waving*

    What a good idea... great tutorial! I like the flower on the side... nice job!

  8. Great tute! Of course I would want to win this!

  9. Honestly Beth that is so cute.......I could just hook my keys through that loop and have a terrific key chain, tuck my license inside with a credit card and I'm ready to go.

    thanks for the chance to win.
    Happy Sewing and sending a special big hug for special big boy :0)

  10. looks great. I'd love to win something you made.

  11. What a great moma you are! Sometimes it just takes some creative thinking, in order to find the thing the works the best. I'm sure your son will enjoy it. I'll have to keep this on mental note as I have a special one, too. Only addition I would make would be to add a clip so it can clip on a belt ring. Really wonderful job Beth! Oh, this would be great for an ipod too.

  12. Love the pocket idea on the change purse. I'd love to be entered to win. I'm a Costco fanatic, so perfect card to show! LOL!

  13. As a semi-hopeless sewer I have enjoyed your tutorials so much and have actually had success with two of my favorites: your disappearing four patch and the holiday hexagon. But, as much as I admire the little coin,it looks like it may be beyond my skills, so I sure would be thrilled to win it.

  14. you are very sweet...
    pick me...pick me...

  15. Great tutorial. I'm going to try and make one for my daughter.

  16. Great tutorial and such a cute project - I love the flower!

  17. Great Project! Wonderful idea, great give away~

  18. Very cute!

    Zippers scare me....

    :D but I'd love to win one with a little coin purse attached to it!

  19. Thanks for a great tutorial! I like the idea of a vinyl pocket!!

  20. Great tutorial, Beth, and I will try it out, but until I get around to mastering those intimidating zippers I sure would love to have one of yours!

  21. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! The bag is adorable!!

  22. That is so cute! I would absolutely love to win it.


  23. Someone turn off the internet, I've got a coin purse to make. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  24. What a cute coin purse! I would be proud to own it. Personally I am still terrified of zippers but sooner or later I will have to break down and give them a try.....

  25. The tutorial was generous enough... you are too kind. I love your flower, too. Darning foot, I've gotta give that a try.

  26. That is so cute! And I'm with you -- don't understand the attraction of football AT ALL. Luckily, my husband doesn't either!

  27. What a great idea for a coin/ID purse. I think it would be great for my 12 year old grandson, you could also put a clip on it that could attach to your belt loops. Thanks for sharing.

  28. I am scared to death to do zippers! It is cute, I would love the chance to win!


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