Thursday, August 24, 2017

Baby things

I began another baby quilt this week.
I will never TIRE of making a baby quilt. seems...
There's ALWAYS be a new BABY to use them!!

I also finished this sweet PINK quilt
after joining a quilt along.
It's been such a long time since I've joined in one of these.
I'm so happy I had the time to join in with Debbie.

It's GREAT to see everyone's interpretation
on the THEME.
It's ready to be gifted.

In between sewing...
I worked on these cute little booties!

TWIN boys arrived.

Is there anything BETTER than HOMEMADE??


  1. Those are beautiful quilts and baby quilts are fun, my grandsons are growing out of baby quilts and no more babies, so maybe I can do some charity quilts with all the fun fabrics i have.


  2. Nope! I never tire of baby quilts either. Yours is looking adorable. And how cute are those little booties? Lots of fun stuff to look at. Andrea

  3. Those booties are really cute! You've gotten a nice start on the baby quilt. Love those soft colors you are using.

  4. Love the improve baby quilts and the booties, too. What pattern did you use for the booties?

    1. Linda - I used this pattern on ravelry

  5. You are on a roll! So many good finishes {and starts} lately! Love the stripey look so much. It really is fun to work with!

  6. I never get tired of making baby quilts either. Yours are adorable, and I LOVE the booties!

  7. Very beautiful quilts! Lovely colours in the Pink one! The booties are really cute. :-)