Thursday, May 17, 2012

Almost twins

Remember when I had trouble cutting up those old dresses???
the deed is done now...
And I have not ONE....

but TWO quilts to show for it!!!
Woo hoo!!!

I'd call them twins....
but they're slightly different
due to the availability of fabric in my STASH!
I used ONLY from what I had.
I just LOVE that challenge!
You never know exactly WHAT you're going to end up with
when you use ONLY what you've got!!!!

I really NEED to use up some of the fabric
that lives at my house!!!
I'd much rather have it live in QUILTS
than live in the CUPBOARD!!!!

I made one for my friend's mom and her aunt.
Two quilts for Two sisters....
Made with fabric from their mother's clothing.

A simple pattern....
with a BIG message of LOVE!!!!


  1. As a twin who is very similar but not exactly like her sister, I LOVE these twin quilts!

  2. Very pretty, meaningful quilts, Beth. I think squares make such pretty quilts.

  3. I think they are called paternal quilts. Very nice Beth.

  4. Lovely quilts, and they will be cherished by the recipients. What a wonderful gift.

  5. muy bonitos esos edredones y muy bien lo de aprovechar lo que tenemos en casa. Felicidades

  6. Beautiful... I know they will be treasured!

  7. Your fraternal twins are wonderful! I think it is amazing that you do so much as quickly as you do! And this is just such an example..very sweet!