Sunday, August 14, 2022

Monday making - this and that

This week I worked on a handkerchief quilt....
Something I’ve always wanted to try!
This picture doesn’t include the little cornerstones I added at the end.

Here they are!
Just a little appliqué helped give this quilt top a little spark of JOY!

I used handkerchiefs from some special friends
that have been stashed away here for a while now.

I also received these four little quilt blocks from my daughter.
This is how I arranged the four 9 patches.

And this is how it looks in a quilt top!
I love these colors....don’t you?

I also challenged myself to switch up the colors on my quilt along.

I made some blocks using some Red, blue, green and yellows.

What are YOU making this week??


  1. I love handkerchief quilts. I made a couple in the past and already wore one of them out - it needs a couple new hankies!

  2. I'm intrigued by your handkerchief quilt. Very cool!

  3. Those cornerstones made a huge difference. Nice design. :) Thanks for the opportunity to share with others.

  4. The handkerchief quilt is amazing!


  5. I love the handkerchief quilt. I’ll bet it is soft too.

  6. Love the handkerchief quilt esp with the cornerstones. Your blocks are so much fun. Makes me want to make a few of them... (no new projects right now!)

  7. Such a darling handkerchief quilt . I great way to preserve those dainty pieces. Love the fabrics in the nine patch blocks your daughter sent. Have a wonderful week. Happy quilting.


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