Sunday, May 22, 2022

Monday making - backpacking and charity quilt

My husband has a backpacking trip scheduled very soon.
He’s trying to collect ALL the things.

One thing he requested :

Yes. I can do that. 

It was fun to figure out how to make it small yet FUNCTIONAL!
 It’s also kind of CUTE.

I also finished a donation quilt.
Quilt blocks. CHECK!
Border.  CHECK!
Quilted and bound. CHECK!

It's always a good feeling to FINISH.

What are YOU making this week??


  1. Congrats on the donation quilt finish, always makes happy to have a finish, I hope to have one today.

  2. That is a cute pot holder. ~ from Kathy S. -- because I can't figure out how to post as myself vs. Anonymous...

  3. I never thought about a little potholder for backpacking! Good work! Is he going out for a long trip? Long for me is 3 nights. :)

  4. Such a precious little potholder. Great idea and very useful. Have a fabulous week, Beth.

  5. Cute little potholder. This week I finally finished the hand quilting and binding on a little quilt, just need to decide on the words for the label now. Then I ironed fabrics and cut strips for a 16 patch quilt. My hands are tired now.


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