Sunday, December 12, 2021

monday making

I goes along with the quilt block I shared last week.

I also DEALT with a large stack of fabric.
It came in a box along with a bad odor.

I quickly washed, dried and folded it all.

Do you say YES to free fabric???

I enjoy the adventure new fabric brings!
You never know what quilt or project will emerge!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. Yes, I will say yes to free fabric. I also wash all yardage that comes in the house. (not precuts although somedays I'd really like to!)

  2. Oh yes to free fabric. So glad you got all of it washed and now it is ready to use. Thank you for hosting the link party and happy quilting

  3. I say "YES" to free fabric and use these gifts for quilts that go to our local Seniors At Home and VITAS Hospice.
    Lately, the free fabric has been from the fabric stash from friends and fellow quilters who have passed away.
    Your shirting fabrics will be perfect in many quilting projects.
    Only once did I get some smelly fabrics, and it all had to be thrown away. Sad but true. It was beyond cleaning or salvaging.
    Have a delightful week.
    D. Weeks

  4. That is a cute block.... and Yes... I do say yes.....


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