Sunday, November 28, 2021

Monday making - scraps and christmas

 I added scraps to 1 yard of cute fabric this week.
So simple.
So sweet.

It's all flannel and only TWO layers.
Not quite a quilt...but warm and cozy all the same.

How I made it -  HERE  😉

 I also made a few Christmas coasters.

These will be great for stockings and quick gifts for friends.
Add some coffee or cocoa.....or???

What are YOU making this week??


  1. Your flannel coverlet looks great. (And easy too!) Great, fast finish.

  2. Clever way to make a colorful flannel blanket!!!

  3. The baby quilt is so cheerful. I think we pressure ourselves to make elaborate baby quilts when super simple will suffice. Wish I'd had that wreath design during the years I made ornaments for all the library staff...yours are charming.

  4. Flannel is so very cozy. I love those coasters too. You always have wonderful stitching ideas, Beth.

  5. Hi Beth, I love your coasters. They are really cute. The flannel quilt looks so comfy and snuggable :-)


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