Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Pink Stars quilt along - block #2- swamp angel

Here is the second quilt block in my little 
PINK STARS quilt along!!

It is a sampler quilt with 10 different stars...
But there are TWO blocks made of each pattern.

This block is called SWAMP ANGEL.

In this block I added bit of blue.

SWAMP ANGEL quilt block

Video instructions HERE

If you are quilting along with me you’ll need TWO of these blocks.

Background fabric - One 3 1/2” Square
Pink #1 - two - 4” squares
Blue - two - 4” squares
Pink #2 - two - 4 3/4” squares
Background - two - 4 3/4” squares

Using 4” squares - make FOUR half square triangles.
Using 4 3/4” squares - make FOUR hour glass squares

Sew together.
Happy sewing!!!


  1. Where is the 1st block for pink stars? When do you do your tutorials?

    1. The first star info is here -
      I am planning on posting a new youtube video each week (tues or wednesday) and a cooresponding blog post.

  2. Thanks for all you do....I just found you and I like the way you just go for it. I have to be more structured...pattern in hand and fabric chosen....I do not do scrappy yet...

  3. From the very beginning I've loved scrap quilts... guess it comes from the study and reading up on quilt making I did before I even began to make anything quilt wise. I began in the early 1990's gathering bits and parts, remnants and my huge stash grew from there!

  4. The block is beautiful, the fabrics look great!


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