Sunday, May 9, 2021

Monday Making with scraps

After making a few LONG and SKINNY
quilt blocks.....
I put them together into a quilt!
Adding a bit of red made this quilt really shine!

I am slowly using up a LARGE stack of
 6 1/2" squares handed down to me recently.

I was also able to fill a bowl with MY KIND of happiness.

What are YOU making this week?


  1. Lots of scrappy goodness, Beth! I enjoyed the tutorial on YouTube.

  2. Such a sweet happy quilt and love your bowl of quilty goodness. Thank you for hosting the link party and happy quilting.

  3. hope this is on you tube - the quilt and little cushions are great scrappy finishes

  4. I like those long and skinny strippys!! the red does pop in this one!

  5. Your scrappy quilt is so great. It's got a lot of vitality. Oh, those leftovers made into pincushions. Too cute.

  6. That’s a great use of the scraps. What could be happier than a bowl of scrappy pincushions?

  7. Love the idea of the skinny scraps quilt. Will keep that idea on my ToDo list when I open my scrap strings bin!

  8. Hi,
    Beautiful Strip Quilt...and love all those
    scrappy pin cushions. Have a great day!

  9. Pretty quilt and such a bowl of beauty! I managed to finish writing my pattern/tutorial this week, emptied my scrap bin and finished a pattern test. 😄


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