Sunday, November 29, 2020

Monday Making

I am still plugging away on my King's Cross quilt.
I'm using ALL greens and the alternate blocks are cream with a little red.
I am ALMOST out of the cream and red in my stash.
Unbelievable....but true.
As you can see they are a mix of fabrics.
A scrappy, controlled mix.

I just LOVE the colors.
Kind of Christmassy and yet it's a classic ALL year kind of palette.

I'm also doing some NECESSARY work.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

These poor little handmade snowmen....
Made by the kids long ago.... had lost their beanies.

My job is to get those poor icy heads COVERED!!!

I had fun whipping up the navy beanie.

The next one will be a reddish color.

Necessary. Necessary. Work.


Hat pattern:
cast on 30 stitches with sock yarn using #1 needles (double pointed)
(knit in the round)

garter stitch about 4 rows.
stocking stitch  2" or so.
decrease for 3 rows..or so.

gather the top together with a yarn needle.

Pattern is technically lacking..
but it worked!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. Aren't those necessary jobs the most fun to do? :-D

  2. What size are you making your King's Cross blocks, are you foundation paper piecing them> The blocks look lovely, happy stitching!

    1. Kings cross blocks are 8”. I am machine piecing. I have a recent video on YouTube showing how I’m doing itπŸ™‚

  3. The King Cross project looks great. It's Christmassy, but you not overtly so. Enjoy your necessary work. Those snow guys are pretty cool, even more so with the beanie.

  4. It was a very necessary job! Who wants a cold head?

  5. I agree, almost Christmasy but not and classic - very nice

  6. Cute snowmen. You might need to mention knit in a circle as I don't see anything about sewing the a seam! Keep plugging away on the Kings Cross blocks. It's going to be wonderful.

    1. Thank you..yes...I'll add that. I always knit beanies in the round, so it didn't occur to me. I had forgotten there are beanies that are seamed after knitting flat. :)

  7. The soft, low-volume alternate squares make the King's Cross blocks shine! And the snowmen will be well-protected from the California sunshine in their new beanies.

  8. Cute snowmen, glad they won't get cold!

  9. The snowmen are adorable! They deserve new hats.

  10. Yes, those colors are wonderful. Glad the snowmen will be toasty.

  11. Lovely quilt in the making. if you need more cream w red fabrics ordering online and then adding in the new will help with the controlled scrappy as if it were planned. Just like the antique ones.

  12. Love, love, love your Kings Cross blocks with the scrappy alternate fabric blocks. Such sweet tones to this!


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