Sunday, October 25, 2020

Monday Making

I tried out a new block this week
and I am IN LOVE.

I want to make a red and blue quilt...


I want to make a Christmas quilt!

So MANY possibilities.

I LOVE possibilities!!!

What colors would you pull from your stash??
Curious minds want to know.

I did little tutorial on my youtube channel.

What are YOU making this week???


  1. Beth, that block is just fabulous! So many possibilities.


  2. A fun block for showing off different colorways. Both your versions look great. It might be fun to do a monochromatic version with dark blue to almost white. If we are talking of pulling the fabrics from my stash, it would have to be all blues.

  3. Very effective! I'll have to figure out how to make that one.

  4. Great block! I love how your choices of print patterns and value placements create such a 3-D effect in your blue blocks.

  5. What a fun block. I think I would be pulling black and white. Those are the two bins overflowing the most. LOL I would love to find a good novelty pattern to use for the overflowing bin and the floral bin is overflowing. I suppose I just told myself what I need to be looking towards fixing the problem.

  6. I have a pattern similar to that one. I want to use my batiks to make it up. Right now it's on the back burner but it will be made in the next few months. (Heck, I have several planned quilts. It is nice to find all the necessary fabrics available for a a whole quilt!)

  7. That does look like a fun block with so many possibilities colorwise.

  8. I love what the stripes and gingham do in the first version. Very dynamic block.

  9. This is definitely a block to fall in love with! I like how you did the two different values - makes for a very striking quilt.

  10. Oh, I really like that block. Looks like Bright Hopes Meets Rail Fences.

  11. That is a really cool block, so many possibilities!

  12. Your block is gorgeous. It looks a bit tricky but so many wonderful ways to mix and match and be creative with it. Have Fun!!!

  13. That little block is so effective!


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