Sunday, August 30, 2020

Monday Making

What do YOU do with old t-shirts?
I made some t-shirt yarn.....
used some crochet thread....

and wove a bath mat.

My daughter recently moved and requested a little mat for her new home.
Nothing fancy.
Just a little rug.

I WILL say...
Handmade is such a satisfying pursuit!
I'm happy to add something homemade to her new house!

I also did a little quilting.
Using the book "The American Quilt- a history of  cloth and comfort"
by Roderick Kiracof,...
I made a little table topper.

Maybe I'll make some more squares
and turn it into a longer table runner.😉

Love the colors!!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. What a fun and practical housewarming gift! (I can imagine the design as a quilt...but don't we see quilt designs in everything?)

  2. How cool is that. I take it that is a "real" loom, not a couple of boards with nails in it? (Note to self... you do NOT need another hobby.) I really like the finished rug. (And a good use of old t shirts.)

    1. Yes... I have a small table loom... a rigid heddle I enjoy using

  3. Beautiful rug. Pretty & useful. Very nice table runner too. Enjoy your day!!🦋🎵🌞

  4. Love the texture and color in this rug - great gift.

  5. What a cool way to use up old t-shirts. Love your table topper too. You've used lots of vivid fall colors.

  6. Cool rug!!! and the colors look great together!

  7. That is so good!! I love the colors and what a great way to use t-shirts!

  8. I love the bath mat! What a great use for those t-shirts.

  9. Nice bath mat! I have a bunch of tarn balls I made and dyed. Not sure what I'm going to do with them!

  10. Hi Beth, I love your bath mat. How wide did you cut your t-shirts. Is there a trick to cutting them? When I retire, my loom will come out - and the bath mat I made 30 some years ago is dead. I would love to make another and t-shirt fabric would be awesome. Thanks!

  11. Very pretty projects. Giving a bit of your heart to a new home is a blessing I'm sure. Beautiful colors!

  12. your table topper will be very striking when done. and you have a loom! (I always wanted one, took a class, but with my very poor math skills had trouble with the accurateness of my lengthwise grain!)


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