Sunday, August 4, 2019

Monday Making

I am working these days on a commissioned quilt.
A tie quilt.

It is keeping my mind grounded as I await the upcoming arrival of 
THREE grand babies!

Remember the old saying
"A watched pot never boils"?

I think I'm "watching" my daughters' pregnancies a little too closely.
They are NOT having the babies no matter HOW MUCH I watch think about it!

I figured the one expecting twins would come early 
and I could lend a hand.
There's very little Grandma can do in the waiting time...

I am thankful for this quilt that is giving me something to do as I wait.

For those interested in the process:
I have disassembled a WHOLE mess of ties
and cut them into 2" wide strips.

I am using a cotton foundation 12" x 12"
I then need to trim to 11"x 11"
Ties are SLIPPERY and do not cooperate like our much loved cotton fabric.

There is also the fact that when cutting those 2" strips
most of the fabric is cut on the BIAS 
and stretches out immediately.
In other words.... 
at the slightest TOUCH!

What are YOU making this week???

Next week this linky party will begin a bit late due to some travel plans.

Thank you to ALL who link up 
and then encourage all the quilters with your kind words.

There's a very sweet spirit among all of you.

I enjoy all the mutual ooohs and aaahs
that float around at all the quilty internet addresses.

It is a great place to travel around virtually when the world seems so crazy.


  1. Your tie quilt is beautiful--such wonderful colors! That makes me want to pull out my collection of old ties and start cutting them up.

  2. Lovely work on using those "slippery" tie pieces this will be so pretty hugs, Julierose

  3. The tie blocks look great, even if they are a challenge to stitch.

  4. It's going to be a beautiful quilt. I've worked with ties recently, too, and backed them with interfacing before doing the final cut. That help tremendously and gave the silks some heft. Congrats! on your upcoming grandbabies!

  5. The ties really make for an interesting design. Thank you for the tip that they don't cooperate, I've contemplated making a quilt from ties.

  6. Making a tie quilt is so ambitious! But like you said it's a good way to keep yourself occupied as you wait for babies! How exciting!

  7. I've had a silk tie quilt in mind for a long time because I sure have the ties for one. Now I'm inspired to get moving on it.

    Congrats, grandma!

  8. I know what you mean about sewing with ties, as I've done it before! Keep on quilting until those grandbabies decide it's time!

  9. If you stabilize the ties with lightweight interfacing you can cut 'em up and sew them like "regular" fabric. I have four huge (66 gallon) tubs with disassembled ties for a someday that most likely will never come.....Do you have quilts ready for the babies' births?

  10. Beth, your log cabin tie blocks look AMAZING. It's worth the fuss for sure. As for the grandbabies... Time stands still while you're waiting for their arrival, but it will speed up like the dickens once they're here! I have to take my "baby" to college in exactly 10 days. The thought of just dropping him off and driving away without him is SO BIZARRE I just can't wrap my mind around it. I'll probably be bawling the whole way home. Enjoy every one of those moments with the babies; I hear that grandchildren grow up even faster than our own children did!

  11. Oh the watching and waiting...and the false alarms - ha ha!
    Love the quilt you are working on!


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