Sunday, June 16, 2019

Monday Making

Every quilter dreams of the day she'll get to 
pass on her LOVE of sewing to the next generation.

That dream came true for me this week.
My new little green machine sped along
as my granddaughter learned
all about the sewing machine!!!
Very fun!!!

Stuffed animals were TOP PRIORITY.

And we didn't want to STOP!!!

Whatever you can DREAM up...
YOU can MAKE!!!!
What are YOU making this week???


  1. How fun that you've had the chance to instill a love of stitching in your granddaughter! I'm hoping for a few days with my granddaughter later in the summer. She loved to use my old Singers when she was younger, and I'm hoping that interest is still there. Love the old green machines, they are real tanks, as you know if you've had to carry yours any great distance.

  2. Great little machine to start on and look at that smile! My grands will use the machine, but actually prefer to hand stitch.

  3. How wonderful and such fun projects!!


  4. You are so lucky you have a granddaughter to stitch with, my grandchildren live so far away from me and we’re no interested. I do hope hopes for my second youngest though, she doesn’t live far and I’m hoping to get her started soon. Vintage machines are wonderful, I have a handcrank and four child sized Featherweights. Now I need three more grandchildren.

  5. Since the patchwork young is ready. You can see how much fun the little girl has. Such a thing must necessarily be promoted playfully.
    Many Greetings

  6. What a fun way to spend a day! I can imagine it was not just a lot of fun, but pure joy to be passing on your skills to an up and coming possible quilter!

  7. How fun for you! I hope to someday be able to pass on my love for sewing on to my Grands. <3 MelvaLovesScraps(at)NolanQualityCustoms(dot)com

  8. How cute, I know you are a very proud grammie.

  9. Elna Grasshopper? What fun!

  10. You Instagram posts about these darling little ones and their projects has made me smile! Thank you for sharing!

  11. So cute and so good to share your passion!

  12. It is SO GREAT to sew with grands. Love the stuffed animals.

  13. I really like and appreciate your post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

  14. How fun! Love your granddaughters new buddies.


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