Sunday, April 14, 2019

Monday Making

Did I need another sewing machine?
No. I didn't.

I wasn't going to purchase this SWEET little green number,
but I couldn't get it out of my mind.
I was dreaming in GREEN, believe me!

I went back to the thrift store and it was still there.
AND not only THAT....
the price was lower!!!

What to do.
What to do....

I guess you know what I did.
 I've been sewing up a storm ever since
on my new little friend!.......

Making a string quilt.
The scraps are flying!!!

I was also honored to have an art quilt
included in a local exhibit at Greenly art space.
Mine was the only quilt.
What fun!!!

I am all caught up on Barbara Brackman's
Hospital sketches quilt along.

Making each of the blocks MY OWN!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. Such a cute little machine! And congrats on having your art quilt included in the exhibit!

  2. Your quilt featured is beautiful, congratuations! Love your new little sewing machine too ;)

  3. Congrats on the featured art quilt! That's really cool. Hope you have more happy stitching time with the new addition to your sewing room.

  4. lovely wall quilt...and great thrift find!

  5. I am never lucky to find such gems at thrift stores. Of course you have to go and I rarely have the time. But I did get lucky on ebay. After bidding on 2 machines, I only wanted one, I won them both. Hopefully they arrive in better condition than the machine in my current post. Love the art quilt.

  6. Wonderful green machine! And your string quilt is leaning green, too. Very nice. Congrats on your entry in the art exhibit. Always good to have quilting represented. Your blocks are looking great. You've been ultra busy.

  7. I can see why you couldn't get it off your mind! What makes it even better is that it works! Congrats on a new beautiful machine!

  8. Sweet machine!! the color is amazing!!!

  9. Congratulations on having your piece in the show. That little green machine is so cute. Glad you went back and bought it.

  10. That is a gorgeous machine! I am "green with envy" LOLOL!!
    I have never seen a green Singer before!

  11. Those flower blocks are great.

  12. Nice job on the art quilt! Congrats. :) Thanks for the linky opportunity!

  13. Hi Beth, congratulations on your art quilt being accepted. It looks wonderful!

  14. Adorable new addition to your sewing space, Beth!

  15. Definitely a hard to resist little green machine! And I love your entry into the art show - well done Beth!

  16. So much to love about this post. A green sewing machine!! And your applique blocks for this particular projects are just so sweet. Makes me want to drag my hand work out!


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