Sunday, February 17, 2019

Monday Making

Meet Table mat number EIGHT!

My goal is the end is IN SIGHT.

I've been having a little trouble figuring out what
COLOR, THEME or HOLIDAY to use as my inspiration
as I construct each one.
I want to have a nice selection for ALL kinds of tastes
since they will be auctioned off.

This time my scrap basket rescued me!

I was digging around in the scraps for ANOTHER project
and came across a few orphans that looked like THIS:
This example is a bit it didn't "make the cut"
But I think you can get the idea.

I used ALL the usable triangles
to make the table mat.

It worked out beautifully!

I have no idea where these little leftovers came from
or WHAT the quilter was making with them.
I DID find a way to piece puzzle them together into something
I'm pretty proud of!


What are YOU making this week??

I'm hoping inspiration will STRIKE AGAIN over here
and I can add that NINTH table mat 
to the STACK!!!


  1. What a lovely placemat. And I had to study it closely to find that you used those triangles. So fun. I love scrappy projects.

  2. Pretty table mat, and your triangles are perfect for this project!

  3. Very pretty! That has to feel good to use up those leftovers to make something so pretty. I bet that one does well at the auction.

  4. Hi Beth, that is a very pretty table mat. Good luck making them all!

  5. Beautiful!!! Those fabrics play so well together. Thank you for the linky party.

  6. Love the effect of the sashing on your triangles.

  7. Wow! What a creative use of those pieces. It's like looking out the window on a Spring day.

  8. I am frequently amazed at what can be made with orphan blocks. This is lovely!

  9. Wow, that was very clever to piece those triangles into a very pretty and interesting mat.


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