Sunday, August 12, 2018

Monday Making

Alycia, over at Quilty Girl, has a little flag quilt making party going on!
The quilts are being made in Honor of Sue.

If you'd like to join in....
the information is HERE.

The deadline is coming up!
Sept 1.
So I'd better get mine in the MAIL!!!!

I've enjoyed seeing all the quilts being made with this block!

Link up and share about what YOU're making this week!

Summer is over at my house.
School began Wednesday already!!!!

I'm not complaining.

My list is LONG with sewing projects that have been
on my MIND!!

I love Summer.
I also love the routine of School days!


  1. Very fun block. I need to get busy on mine!

  2. The flag making looks like fun.

  3. Your circular mug rugs are so neat -- when I first saw them the light binding had me thinking they were embroidery pieces displayed in the hoop!


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