Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monday Making

This week I hope to be hand quilting
a very BLUE quilt.
I'm not at liberty to show the whole quilt yet....
but this little peek shows I have my work cut out for me!

 I will also be eating healthy.
What would you make with these ingredients?

I typically add the vegetable to WHATEVER I'm making.
I made a stir fry with some leftover chicken and pasta with these.

The cucumber appears at the table EVERY night in a little dish.
Nothing fancy. 
Sliced or stick shaped.
It's all GOOD.

Link up and share about YOU're making this week.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer!

**Blogger news**

Some of you quilters know we've had trouble 
COMMUNICATING in the last month of so!!!
Comments have not been making it to our emails so that we can reply.

Barb has a post HERE about how you can FIX that situation.
THANK you Barb!!!!


  1. Enjoy your hand stitching this week. Looks like you've gotten off to a good start. I asked for chicken kabobs this weekend with lots of veggies. I really like grilled veggies. Don't know what happened with my link up, I got an error when I tried to upload an image.

  2. Oh, the blue quilt will be enhanced by hand quilting. I am looking forward to the finish. I would make a kale+bean soup. The cucumber would make perfect sandwiches or a simple salad with salt and lemon juice.

  3. You really have a nice stitch on that hand quilting. I'm jealous. Although, I must admit I don't do much in the way of hand stitching. Enjoy your garden's bounty.

  4. The hand quilting on the blues is looking fantastic. It's a great time of the year for the garden.

  5. yum, I'd make a curry adding in some ground turkey, or soup. Love vege

  6. I’m hand quilting a miniature quilt now and wish my stitches were as nice as yours! Maybe if I did it more often—lol. I lost my thimble of 30 years (I think the dog ate it) and am still grieving and searching. Do you like yours? I don’t think thimbles are taken very seriously by manufacturers (or perhaps it’s quilt shops) anymore, few sizes or styles that I’ve seen.

  7. Fresh vegetables already!! Our plants are barely coming up! Your hand quilting is beautiful! I can't wait to see more.

  8. I love to see people still hand quilting. It is so beautiful and will be such a treasure. I enjoy hand quilting but it takes so long. I make queen sized quilts and too many of them to hand quilt anymore.

  9. I am in love with the glimpse of hand quilting blue against blues! Is that embroidery floss that you're using? It looks gorgeous!

  10. Ok. Your beautiful hand quilting almost has me convinced to hand quilt my Grandmother's Flower Garden when I finish the top. It's so lovely! I was also thinking a stir fry would be delicious with those veggies! Maybe fried rice?

  11. I'd grill the summer squash. Kale and beans in a healthy peasant soup. The cucumber dipped in a little ranch dressing or put on your eyes to rest them!

  12. What we can see of the quilt looks gorgeous!!


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