Friday, February 23, 2018


As some of you know...
I'm making some small quilts.
My goal is TEN!

They will grace the tables at an April retreat
and the attendees will be able to bid on them.

I had fun quilting this one!
I followed the scrappy seams
and just eyeballed the whole thing.
Straight lines and wavy lines.
It ALL works.

I love the springy look, don't you?

These scraps were in a little baggy
given away by a quilter who didn't "NEED" them anymore.

I used them JUST as they CAME!
 I think these scraps are very happy
to be part of such a happy LITTLE quilt!

I'm ON to the NEXT little scrappy quilt.
What colors will I CHOOSE???


  1. Love it!! I have been doing a lot of smaller project lately also and enjoying it so much. Great colors!

  2. Very pretty, it does remind me that spring is just around the corner, with warm days and sunshine. If this long cold and wet winter ever goes away that is.

  3. pretty colours!! yeah, I wonder what colour your next one is? :))

  4. Oooo so cute! How about a crisp blue and white one? And if you dont like it you can send it along to me lol after all blue is my favorite color

  5. Oooo so springy! How about a crisp blue and white one? If you dont like it you could send it along to me lol

  6. Oh that is very bright and colourful. Simply elegant with the quilting setting it off perfectly!

  7. Wonderful! The quilting is "just right" and the colors are great. How kind of you to make these and allow others to bid on them at the retreat.

  8. Beautiful! I love the quilting, it is just perfect.

  9. I was thinking "Oh how Springy". Also I have a square dining room like the pattern too!

  10. Definitely this quilt is eye candy! good for you!

  11. It's a bright and happy table topper. I bet people have problems picking just one to bid on.


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