Saturday, December 16, 2017

Last minute

If you're scurrying around
trying to figure out WHAT to MAKE...???
Look no further!

We all want to make SOMETHING!!!
But it's hard to come up with
QUICK and EASY sometimes, right?

This gift is so practical
and ANYONE with a kitchen will appreciate it!!

I am hoping to pull out my wood burner
and add a decorated wooden spoon to this gift.
We'll see if TIME allows.

I was GIFTED this fun fabric recently.
It is the PERFECT kind of accent
for the inexpensive bar towels I bought at walmart!!!
You might want to step it up on the quality of towel.

I cut SIX strips 2 1/2"
sewed the strips together
and then cut 3 1/2" segments.

I turned under the edges with my iron
 and top stitched them to the towels.
SO. simple.

I just wish I had purchased MORE TOWELS!!!!

Good luck to YOU on those last minute projects
you want to make and GIVE!


Please stop by tomorrow and add 
YOUR CHIRISTMAS QUILT(s) to the SHOW I will be hosting here!!

Linky for Christmas quilt show
will be open December 17-24.

We look forward to seeing those holiday QUILTS!!!


  1. I love making embellished towels for small last minute gifts! My biggest trouble is finding towels that I am happy with. Yours look awesome and I know they will be well received.

  2. Those towels are so cute with the food fabrics! Everyone can use new kitchen towels! Great gift!

  3. Thanks for the idea. I picked up some towels at Walmart and had leftover food fabrics. The daughters-in-law are going to love these.

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