Sunday, October 29, 2017

Monday Making

It's Sunday Night
and I am trying to make my weekly to do list.
I like setting goals for the week.
Sometimes they are LOFTY, time consuming goals.
And.... sometimes the goal is simple.....
Like: GET UP every morning.

This week I NEED to finish this baby quilt.

Since I'm almost out of time
I will be adding white borders instead of more blocks.
Adding borders is a VERY simple way to
GROW a quilt to the right size.

IS THERE A RIGHT SIZE when it comes to baby quilts????

Inquiring minds want to know.

Link up and share what YOU HOPE to get done this week!


  1. I like bigger baby quilts like 40 x 50 inches, so they can be put on the floor and used even into the toddler stage. Borders are definitely a way to expand the size.

  2. Usually my baby quilts are around 42x48, 40x50 also are a good size. I sometimes make a stroller quilt around 30x38.

  3. I'm a fan of smaller baby quilts, the kind you can tuck into a stroller or cover up with while nursing. The big crib sized ones always seemed too huge for my babies. (Who didn't sleep in a crib, so maybe that influenced my opinions...)

  4. Gorgeous quilt. I once looked up sizes and was recommended 35" by 45" but that can seem a bit small to me, depending on what you want to use it for. Borders are great.

  5. Love the scrappy squares. Good luck with your goal of a finish this week.

  6. I tend to make 48" x 60" baby quilts so they can be used on the floor for tummy time and play time and then work as nap quilts later.

  7. Cute scrappy patchwork! I think baby quilts can vary, anything from 36" x 36" to 48" x 60" depending on how it's to be used.

  8. Good question about sizes. Most of the baby size quilts I make now I give away to NICUs or Project Linus. If I know they are going to a NICU so only a baby will receive it I opt to make it no larger than 38 to 40" wide as I can use one length of fabric. If it is going to Project Linus there's need for bigger quilts so I'll make the quilt wider and longer. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of fabric with a lot of yardage. So, 1 length I can sometimes find in the stash rather than piecing or buying. I, too, like goals each week. It's something to strive for but doesn't mean they all get accomplished each week. Hope you succeed with yours.

  9. Love this baby quilt - so colorful and bright.

  10. I pretty much make quilts the way I used to write term papers. I start at the beginning and end at the end....that is, the quilt will "tell" me when it's big enough. The baby quilts I make are more toddler quilts. After all, kids grow fast!

  11. I don't think size matters to baby. I make 36" square ones for newborns whose moms can then use easier in car seats and strollers. Yours is cute. Go post it on Let's Make Baby Quilts if you like.

  12. Your baby quilt is darling, Beth. I forget how much I love one patches, especially prints alternated with solid white. As far as the perfect size for baby quilts... I like to either go a bit bigger than standard (a 48-54" baby quilt can be tucked around a stroller or car seat, and is big enough to cover mom AND baby while nursing or snuggling) or else smaller than standard, like 36-40" because that's a good size for a little one to drag around all over the place without tripping on it. "Experts" do not recommend quilts as bedding for babies anymore due to the risk of SIDS or suffocation from fluffy bedding, so there's no longer any need to size a baby quilt to a crib mattress.

  13. Such a pretty quilt - so very colorful and playful! Like Rebecca Grace, I love the prints alternated with the white! Thank you for sharing - and hosting!

  14. Haha. Big enough. That's all I ever worry about with baby quilts. I've had people love the carseat size quilts the best and others rave about the toddler sized ones! Sweet looking quilt however you end it though!

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