Sunday, October 1, 2017

Monday Making

This week I hope to make more Christmas blocks
using THIS pattern.

I doubt if this Christmas quilt will be done in time!
I will see how far I get!!

I am still trying to use ONLY my stash.
Do you know how hard that is??
Sometimes the color options are THIN!
Believe it or NOT!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. I am trying to finish one quilt that is for a raffle and work on fall leaves applique for another quilt top to finish up

  2. Good luck with both getting the blocks finished and on pulling from stash. Why is it no matter how big your stash, there always seems to be a lack of fabrics in the one color you need? Must be some type of universal law or something.

  3. Good luck getting your Christmas quilt done.

  4. Such good news. If you actually use up a color (or a few), then you get to go buy more, right? I love that Christmas Block. Good for many seasons with different color flowers.

  5. I love your Christmas quilt. Hmmm... half square triangles...


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