Saturday, February 11, 2017

Small Finishes

It was a week of small projects for me.

This little Pepper Table mat will join the others
going to a retreat in April.
I found those pepper squares in my 2 1/2" square drawer.
They make this table mat so BRIGHT and cheery!

The table mats will be auctioned off
and will HOPEFULLY find themselves
Happy HOMES!

MY goal is 12!!

I also made this little tiny patchwork mug rug
for a new member at church.
Men are a little bit of a challenge to sew for,
don't you think?
I hope this little mat says WELCOME!!!

Then there are these super simple slippers
that have been UN-finished for a couple of years!!!

Finally done!

Last, but not least,
a little tiny pair of slippers.

A new pattern for me.
Fairly easy to make
They're TOO small for granddaughter!
Oh well...
Someone else will get to wear them.


  1. Nice table mat. I've had fun embroidering designs for mug rugs -- I made myself one with a purple spider on a black background at Halloween. Hum, don't remember where I put it... I've been very frustrated recently with my knitting for my grands. I did three cute hats for Christmas this year and all 3 were too small. Although, my oldest granddaughter wore hers all Christmas afternoon. I'm going to take the hats back and rip them out. Maybe next year I should measure their heads first! And the year before all the fleece hats I embroidered and made were too small too. Maybe I should give up on hats for them! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I've really enjoyed seeing your creations on IG. Love the minis and knitting.

  3. That papper fabric is great, I love it, nice table mat and mug rug

  4. What a cool block!!! The peppers are super fun in there, too!

  5. Yay for small finishes!! They look fun!

  6. your table mat is adorable. and yes it is hard to make things for men. someone will love those slippers. sometimes I think it is a higher intervention because someone needs them.

  7. Love those little peppers in the table mat.

  8. You reminded me that I have a retreat coming up and need to get working on a few projects. Your mat is bright and cheerful. The peppers did the trick!

    I have all sons in their thirties. Now I sew for them by making things for their wives and daughters. Really what can a sewing mom make for men? lol I used to make boxers when they were boys and young men but...


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