Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monday Making

I FINALLY finished this baby sweater.
(surprise baby jacket by E. Zimmerman)

So many NEW twists and turns for me.

I'm sure it would be easy for a seasoned knitter.
That's. not. me.

The seams are sewn.
The buttons are ON!!
the COLD weather is here!!!

What are YOU making this week??

I really hope I can spend time in my sewing room!
The scrap basket is calling my name!!


  1. Very cute little sweater. I really like all those blues, but I'm not a fan of the colder weather.

  2. Hooray for your sweater! It's DARLING! Good for you, stretching yourself beyond your comfort level. The next knitting project will be even easier and you'll be one of those "seasoned knitters" before you know it.

  3. The sweater is adorable and good for you for getting it finished!!

  4. Oh yea for finishing the surprise baby jacket. I should probably start one for Theo right after Christmas. I agree with lots of twists and turns. I've read the directions and haven't a clue about the whole thing and I knit frequently! It looks darling. What size child is it going to? And, does it fit him? Or is it a present? ...

  5. Very cute sweater! Congratulations on the finish!


  6. Love those little jackets, it looks so difficult too - congrats on a lovely jacket in time for the bad weather !

  7. Such a cute sweater! Baby will be so warm!!


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