Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monday Making with scraps of flannel

What are you up to this week?

I spent time with this face ALL weekend!
What a pleasure.

Grandma had just a LITTLE bit of fun with the camera!!!

You wouldn't know it from that happy face....

but she tends to spit up QUITE a bit.
Burp cloths are a necessity.

My flannel scraps came in handy!!!

So happy to have ALL the supplies ready to GO!!!

These burp cloths are NOT uniform.
Oh no.
They were constructed with WHATEVER size scrap I had on hand.

And I DO have SCRAPS of flannel!!!

Oh YES I do!!
How about you???

I made these little cloths VERY quickly...
I wanted to HOLD that dear face as MUCH as possible!!
Sewing and holding are not compatible activities!!!

Link up and share about what YOU are making this week.


  1. I would not be able to sew either. such a cutie pie! and those burp cloths are so pretty and useful

  2. Love that sweet little face : )
    Lots of fun with flannel in this post! You have been busy.

  3. I am surprised you had time to sew since you had a little sweetheart to hold and spoil.

  4. Such a cutie ... though I'm sure cutie's mom appreciates the time you tore yourself away from that cute face to make those cloths ;-)

  5. Happy baby and happier grandma! What a treat for you.

  6. she has so much personality shining through that happy face. I have way more flannel than I care to admit to and Ive already made one flannel rag quilt. I do not want to make another with all that cutting!

  7. Enjoy that sweet little grandbaby. She is darling.

  8. Such a happy and expressive face on that child!

  9. Such a little cutie! They don't stay that little for long, so the sewing can wait just a bit.

  10. I'm late.
    I love your snaps of that dear little face absorbing & learning. So sweet!


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