Sunday, September 27, 2015

Giving little quilts away

I love giving quilts away...
EVEN when they're teeny tiny quilts
like these potholders.

My 2" scrap drawer gave me PLENTY of options
when I was making these little gifts.
It was hard to choose a color combo!!!

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  1. I have some quilted potholders that my daughter made me for Christmas a few years ago. They're fantastic! I do worry about ruining them, though.

  2. What a nifty way to use up some cute fabric!

  3. I need to make some potholders for our churchwomen's table at the library craft fair. I used to use Warm Window for the insulation -- one yard made a lot of potholders -- but Joann's no longer stocks it. I use Insulbrite + batting instead.

    1. I really like using old (clean) towels for the inside. They're typically FREE. ;)

  4. Thanks for all your scrap projects! Great inspiration:-)
    Making hot pads for fall fair also!

  5. So sweet! I have got to buy some insulated fabric so I can make a few myself.)

  6. Your little quilts are so sweet. True. They make people smile.

  7. Those itty bitty quilts are a great idea! Looks like they would be good for practicing new binding techniques, too.


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