Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Simple dresses for Lori

Lori, over at Humble quilts, asked for some simple dresses.
She will be taking them to Bolivia in the fall.

I enjoyed a little break from quilt making
and made some DRESSES!
The pattern I used is found here.

It took a while to DIG in the stash and find some pretty fabric. DIG some more and find coordinating prints for pockets. DIG around some more and find the seam binding
and rick rack to match!!!!

Putting the dress together is a CINCH if it weren't for all the DIGGING!

Happy sewing (and digging) to YOU!!!


  1. Very cute! I've not sewn clothing in forever it seems.

  2. awww such a lovely idea! and such beautiful fabric!!! x

  3. Everything matches great - well worth the time spent 'digging' around :)

  4. Those little dresses are sooooo cute. The little pockets are a sweet touch. You did good digging around in stash.


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