Friday, June 12, 2015

Group shot

When Graduation time comes...
I like to have a photo shoot with the finished quilts
ALL together!

This group is missing one.
One of the graduates was leaving the country this week...
so the quilt was given and then I realized I hadn't taken
the GROUP shot yet!

Here's the quilt that left early.
I've already blogged about each of these quilts...
but it's always fun to take that last picture
of them ALL together!

Giving these quilts each year
to graduating high school seniors
makes this quilter very HaPpY!

It's a nice tradition
that the kids look forward to as they
move on to the next chapter of their lives!

Thanks again to the many of you
who sent me quilt blocks early this year!
They will be loved
and it always impresses me
what a GENEROUS community this is!!!

Have a great weekend..
HAPPY sewing!!!


  1. Look at yourself, Beth, to see who is generous. Those are some beauties. Love the blue and white string.

  2. You did a great job! And I'm sure they will be very appreciated.

  3. YOU are amazing!!
    nice creations you've done....again!!

  4. Oh goody! These quilts were twice as much fun for me to see because I could recognize a couple of the blocks that I had sent in to you. What a wonderful tradition!

  5. Great group shot! Congratulations to you on your achievement!

  6. A great tradition to send along with them, very special for you as well.

  7. Great job, Beth. I'm sure they are well loved too.

  8. Wonderful quilts, Beth. I'm sure they will be loved.

  9. I am still so impressed at how many quilts you made in such a short time! They are all beautiful!

  10. Wow, the quilts are lovely! And I'm sure the graduates look forward to receiving them. Great job!

  11. Love the quilts they are all really lovely.


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