Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Knits

I've been making little things over here.
It's finally getting chilly 
and I can imagine MAYBE someone using
these little knits!

There are.....
Headbands for the girls.

Pattern is called "twistin the night away"
Free ravelry download.
I used different yarn....
Different sized needles.....
Different number of stitches.
I am SO not a pattern follower!
I always use them as a JUMPING off BOARD.

(Instead of chunky yarn I used worsted weight.
Instead of casting on 14. I cast on 22.
Instead of K2 P2...
I opted to K1, P1
Instead of casting ON stitches in the middle
I DIDn't cast on.)
See?  I tend to veer OFF the path.  LOL!

The gray one was my first attempt.
I changed the pattern a bit on the pink one
and like it better.

Watching someone make something like this on youtube
really helped me visualize the TWIST!

There are also Beanies for the boys.

Simple-simple pattern found in a knitting book...

I'm on the road to a homemade Christmas!


  1. homemade Christmas...... awesome!!!
    hopefully more people catch on to the idea

  2. I follow patterns like you do. More like guidelines rather than rules.

  3. Those will be greatly appreciated come winter weather. Very nice.


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